Aperitivo #3 - Red

Aperitivo #3 - Red


Hermes fabric Perspective Cavaliere Bayadere Outdoor, Brass

Ø 360mm
Height 270 mm


  • Watts: 60 max

  • Lamp: E27 | Suitable for LED Bulbs

  • Cable: 1,5 Metres (4’11”) - 2 core fabric flex cable - Black

Collection description:
The Aperitivo is a pendant lamp inspired by the atmosphere of Italian bars in the 1930’s. Sipping on a Campari surrounded by Depero’s artworks.

The Aperitivo lamp has three different colorways and the geometric print called Perspective Cavaliere Bayadere is produced by Hermès. The design also features warm brass detailing.

All SERVOMUTO products are entirely and exclusively handmade by expert Italian craftsmen, so that each piece is unique.

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