Chalk #4

Chalk #4


Product description:
Hand made wall light covered in white raw linen and embossed white trimmings. Measurements may vary slightly.

White Linen fabric | Wire frame

Height 450 mm
Width 450 mm


  • Watts: 60 max
  • Lamp: two E27 | Suitable for LED Bulbs

Collection description:
The Chalk collection features four different baroque wall lampshade silhouettes in pure white linen with white trimmings. The simplicity of these lights, almost camouflaged against a white wall when turned off, decorate the wall and the space with a soft elegance once illuminated. This collection is inspired by the decorative coating ‘white stucco’ in ancient noble southern Italian homes. Chalk is a neutral yet noteworthy and timeless classic addition to any interior. 

All SERVOMUTO products are entirely and exclusively handmade by expert Italian craftsmen, so that each piece is unique.

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